Instore agency has a passion for hangers and brands. Presenting garments and brands in the right way is our driving force. We have a vision to create solutions for the presentation of our customers products and brands that make our customers winners. Our methods are design, profile, quality, care and service. 

Instore Agency is the Nordic region´s leading suppliers of hangers and together with Mainetti, which is the world´s leading hanging company, we have endless possibilites. We have been the natural choice of Nordic fashion stores for many years and continue to be at the forefront of the development of hangers.

For a couple of years, Instore agency has also developed a complete range of bags, gift packaging, mannequins, stands and the other that are included in variable exposure in the store. Today we can offer a full range to make your store better.

Now we can also offer our customers to design their own packaging in our new webshop, www.printabox.se

Together with all our other products, we offer cost-effective total logistics for the store´s ongoing supply. With our products, your brand is seen in town again and again!


Our history begins in 1958 when Sven Turesson started his factory for metal hangers in Gnosjö, Småland. Franz Karner opens his factory for plastic hangers in Lidköping a couple of years later. The entrepreneurship of these two entrepreneurs will be Nordic Hangers in 2007 to become Instore Agency in 2017.

For the first three decades, companies are developing successfully and supplying hangers to the Nordic market. The idea of ​​sustainability exists early on and as early as 1973, Franz Karner began recycling plastic in the form of spent Super 8 cassettes. The success is also due to the fact that the two contractors focus on providing good quality and service to customers. Of course, much more has happened over the years. We have further expanded our range and today we offer everything from receipt rolls and gift packaging to mannequins and of course the world's widest range of plastic hangers.

Perhaps the biggest change is the one that has taken place gradually and led us to where we are today. We have gone from being a pure supplier to becoming the one that helps the fashion industry as a creative partner with tailor-made solutions. To make this even clearer, we will begin branding work in 2016, which will end with us changing our name to Instore Agency.

Despite the new name and a broader focus, the legacy of Sven Turesson and Franz Karner lives on. We still have the factory in Lidköping and maintaining the service and quality that made Sven and Franz so successful is still our most important task.