Customized Personalized Magnetic Box Wonderbox 38x28x12 CM | WONDERBOX (ARCO) | HOT FOIL STAMPING
  • Customized Personalized Magnetic Box Wonderbox 38x28x12 CM | WONDERBOX (ARCO) | HOT FOIL STAMPING
  • Customized Personalized Magnetic Box Wonderbox 38x28x12 CM | WONDERBOX (ARCO) | HOT FOIL STAMPING

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Introducing the Magnet Box Classic (ARCO), the latest addition to Print A Box's customizable magnetic box lineup! This cutting-edge printable magnetic gift packaging is extensively used by brands and luxury stores to perfect their items and events. Exuding elegance and durability, this flat-delivered magnetic closure box is suitable for a wide range of uses (clothing, underwear, jewelry, cosmetics, meal kits). Crafted from 100% recycled 1200 gsm rigid cardboard covered with 140 gsm cover paper (interior and exterior) without lamination, it ensures maximum product protection and a premium presentation. The box is sealed using adhesive for final consolidation and is delivered flat in one piece. It assembles easily within seconds, saving space in your inventory and presenting your products uniquely to your customers. The paper is tone-dyed at 100% pulp, offering splendid color rendition across our various available hues. No plastic is used in the manufacturing of this box, making it 100% recyclable. The dimensions provided in centimeters represent the interior size of the boxes, with a potential tolerance of +/- 0.5 cm

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